I'm Monique Low, the designer and artist behind Toasted Glass, a UK based company selling predominantly hand painted glassware.

As the sole pair of hands behind the creation of the Toasted Glass collection (although Mr TG is hugely supportive) and mother to two boisterous lads, I'm a very busy lady, but like most working parents, I do like to unwind of an evening with glass of something. In the BC (before children) days, there was nothing more glamorous than going somewhere fabulous to drink cocktails, but with the onset of parental responsibilities that became an all too rare treat...

Toasted Glass, the blog began as a fun way to indulge my love of cocktails and showcase the designs that I paint on to glass. Mr TG and I have rigorously tested many cocktails; some classics, some more modern and the majority, of my own creation. Cocktail making or mixology is much like cooking - you get a feel for the flavours that work together and then, as your understanding grows, you can be a bit more experimental. I would encourage anyone with an interest to try the recipes that sound appealing and by all means, adapt and tailor make them to your own tastes. After all, it's all about having fun. If you've never mixed a cocktail in your life or are a little bamboozled by the jargon, I suggest you read my Dufford's Guide to mixology which explains the basic cocktailing terms.

From time to time I will dedicate a post to certain brands of alcohol and try to find cocktails best suited to them. These reviews and posts are entirely independent and express my own tastes and opinions. You may discern a slight bias towards gin (I do love gin!), but there are plenty of cocktail recipes using other spirits too and I am always happy to hear your suggestions.

Happy Mixing


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